The KMbag is a handbag made of ripstop nylon, designed by Klaartje Martens. The bag is a spacious A4 size (34 cm wide x 43 cm high x 8 cm deep), which is convenient and elegant at the same time.


The KMbag is available in two variations, and in various color combinations. The two variations are the result of the same design. In this design, two layers of ripstop nylon form the bag through clever folding. Both the outer bag and the lining are the result of this folding system. In one variation the seam is in the middle, while in the other variation the seam is on the side. The two handles are an addition which are deep-set in the bag, and are fixed with a strong seam-stitch.


Ripstop nylon is a water-resistant fabric used for surfing sails and kites, and woven so as not to tear. The intensely bright colors, and the paper-like crispy character are typical for the material and very strong.


The series consists of a number of standard color combinations. However, it is also possible to personalize your own bag by choosing a color combination from the available colors yourself.


The KM bag project is a cooperation between Klaartje Martens and Aagje Martens.

Web-site design and implementation: Aagje Martens

Product photography: Harry Smeets

Support: Martijn Aarts and Charley Boerman